Words of wisdom from master story teller, Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

“Healing is actually a worldview, a cosmology…. For a healer, the world is not broken and in need of fixing… the world is hidden. Everything and everyone has in themselves a hidden wholeness, a potential for growth, a dream of themselves. A healer reminds people. A healer befriends dreams. A healer is a feeder of dreams.”

ginko My association with Dr. Tobin has been a positive and constructive experience that has had life changing effects on my health and mental outlook. I came to her after having surgery for health related issues involving intestinal tumors. After a comprehensive evaluation of my health history, she developed a program that addressed a holistic approach to physical and mental health. Her evaluations were precise, and beneficial to improving my health picture in an integrative process of nutrition, supplementation, exercise, meditation, and consultation. She has been, and continues to be an important part of my health and my life. She makes herself available to her patients and demonstrates a tenacious and focused process in dealing with her patients. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a physician for integrative health.                               Dr. Michael Tebbano, Florida

ginko I started treating with Dr. Tobin three years ago. She has been my savior.
She is very kind, professional and truly caring. She takes her time and does not rush you.
She thinks outside the box and has diagnosed my gluten intolerance/celiac, soy & dairy allergy, as well as leaky gut syndrome, when other doctors, and many tests later, told me I had IBS.
She is highly educated, but down to earth.
She listens and works with you to find the best treatment for YOU.
I thank her for this.       Sue Flansburg, Delmar, NY

ginko I “discovered” Dr. Ann Tobin nine years ago when I was looking for someone, other than my traditional allopathic primary care physician, who was more in line with my thinking about how I wanted to care for my body. Well, I found  even more than I hoped for. Not only do I receive helpful information on issues that I ask about, Ann has a way of compassionately working with my whole being – the essence of what a good integrative doctor should be. She’s a treasure.                      Cindy Crounse, Altamont, NY

ginko When I first met Dr. Ann Tobin seven years ago, I was seriously ill and barely able to function on a daily basis.  After a year of treatment with conventional medicine, my life was a series of CAT scans, MRIs, blood work, and pharmaceuticals. Not only was I terribly ill and facing major surgery, but I was also suffering from a number of drug-related side effects which made my situation even worse.

Although I had always believed in the importance of a mind/body/spirit connection in maintaining good health, I found myself lost in a medical system that focused primarily on the technological advances of treating my disease, with very little regard for a holistic approach to healing.  I was scared, uncertain about the best course of action, and worried that I might not ever recover. I realized then that it was time to find an integrative doctor who could help me find my way back to good health.  By way of Dr. Andrew Weil, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Ann Tobin.

My appointments with Dr. Tobin were like nothing I had ever experienced before. She took the time necessary to help me decide when to follow a traditional medical plan and when to consider an alternative choice. This helped me greatly when trying to sort through my treatment options and determine how best to move forward.  I credit her vast knowledge of both traditional and holistic medicine, coupled with her amazing ability to explain and teach, for guiding me through the healing process.

Although I eventually decided in favor of the surgery I had long feared, Dr. Tobin helped me to realize that, in my case, surgery was a necessary part of healing, and one that I should embrace rather than fear. It was Dr. Tobin who taught me about the remarkable ability we all have to facilitate our own healing through the careful nurturing of our mind, our body, and our spirit. She has helped me to take my life back and realize my own responsibility in maintaining good health as I go forward. With her help, I have been able to heal myself and become mindful of how to live my best life.                  Susan Yauney, St. Johnsville, NY

ginkoI had suffered for 5 years with chronic migraines. This condition was tremendously affecting my job, my relationships and my overall well being. I was learning to expect to feel this way every day. I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal. I was very proactive and stubbornly pursued many avenues of help which included: primary doctors, psychologists, bio-feedback, acupuncture, neurologists and on and on.

I sought the help of Ann Tobin after reading about her in a blurb at my Chiropractor’s office. She met with me and thoroughly reviewed my history, covering every area of my life. She listened carefully and explained how she planned to help me and why. She is extremely knowledgeable and that gave me hope. After getting a print out of her suggestions, I went to work and followed everything she had promoted. After about 2 weeks I began to notice a difference and now over 3 years later I have my life back. I can look forward to making plans without worrying how I will feel hour to hour. I am so grateful for the expertise and care of Ann Tobin. I would highly recommend her guidance for anyone who is experiencing a feeling of unbalance in their life.
Debbie Gall, Delmar

ginkoAfter a year of trying to diagnose and treat my spiraling health issues through traditional medicine without success, I thankfully was introduced to Dr. Ann Tobin’s holistic practice. Within weeks, she was able to identify the root cause of my symptoms, and developed a comprehensive treatment program that had me back to feeling 100% within months. Beyond just treatment, she provides all the support and guidance necessary to maintain ones health over the long term. I am now a true believer in the healing powers of holistic medicine, and the quality of Dr. Tobin’s care. I strongly recommend her services to anyone experiencing unresolved health issues, or looking to improve their overall well-being.  Scott Opiela, Scotia, NY