The Vision, by Juliet Wood

The Vision, by Juliet Wood

Partners in Healing is a practice of head, hand and heart. My training, career and life experiences have fostered an intelligent healing-oriented practice rooted in compassion.

Integrative medicine combines the best of conventional Western medicine with the best in complementary therapeutic modalities. My approach to health care involves thoughtful research, intuition and good judgment to provide safe and effective recommendations and therapies.

Most importantly, it is patient-centered. This means I am committed to spending the time required to get to know the patient, and that the patient’s role in the healing process is vital, not passive. We work as partners to nurture and empower the healer within both of us.

Integrative medicine calls on all aspects of a person’s being–mind, body and spirit, to facilitate the healing process and to promote balance in one’s life. To achieve this goal I work to understand the patient within the context of the relationships, events and beliefs that shape her life. I strive to optimize the patient’s innate ability to heal, and to honor the healing process as one that is unique to each individual.

Hippocrates said that the role of the physician is to “cure sometimes, heal often, and support always.” As a practitioner of integrative medicine I understand that where a physical cure proves elusive, healing at some level remains possible. Integrative medicine employs the tools of the ancient healer–compassion, intuition, healer as teacher, and remains grounded in sound scientific principles.

“We do not serve the weak or broken. What we serve is the wholeness in life. The part in you that I serve is the same part that is strengthened in me when I serve. Unlike helping and fixing and rescuing, service is mutual. There are many ways to serve, and strengthen the life around us…No matter how we do this, our service will bless us.” Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.