Energy medicine

Blue Innersource AuraEnergy medicine as a therapeutic modality has resonated with me from the beginning of my journey into integrative and holistic medicine. It is a discipline that draws from ancient healing and spiritual traditions, and makes scientific sense to me–all matter vibrates on an atomic level, creating energy in the process. This energy dance gets more complicated with living organisms, and exquisitely more evolved with human beings. What draws me in as a physician is the innate ability for all of us to access our own energy systems to engage in self healing, and to support health and well being.  I can choose to communicate and balance my own energies to help me thrive as a vibrant individual and health guide, and I can interface with my patient’s energies to aide them in their quest for optimal health.

As a practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) I am able to employ diagnostic techniques that point to energy imbalances in an individual, and then follow through with wonderful and gentle protocols to facilitate balance within those systems. EEM also provides many ways for the individual to support their own energy systems. Donna Eden is a gifted energy practitioner, who has seen energy all her life. It is her talent, and the accessibility of her approach that has called me to delve deeper into the “vital, living, moving force” that is energy. Her Innersource Foundation describes energy medicine as: “an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health.” Some of her guiding principles of energy medicine include: energy wants to move and to move in specific patterns, the health of the body reflects the health of its energies, all the body’s energies are inter-connected, your energy is affected by other people and events in your environment (everyone knows that), energy can form habits, and energies can be repatterned. She advocates developing a daily routine of a practice of some simple energy exercises accessible to everyone. She calls the sequence, The Daily Energy Routine. She explains that it can influence all nine of the energy systems that she is able to visualize. Her book, Energy Medicine, provides a robust introduction to her understanding and approach to energy medicine.

Energy medicine sessions include the two hour initial visit and 60-90 minute follow up visits. I also provide shorter introductory sessions that may include teaching the Daily Energy Routine, the Quickie Energy Balancer (QEB), Chakra clearing, Black Pearl or Brazilian Toe Technique.

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