Practice details

hands-rainbow-heart-281x300At this time my practice is closed for my Integrative Medicine consults and my Eden Energy Medicine practice (see my page on Energy Medicine).

The Integrative Medicine consult practice provides the consult that is needed to support the patient’s health issues, while introducing Eden Energy medicine. It is a new approach, and what seems to be evolving is an initial visit that is mainly composed of my traditional integrative medicine consult that incorporates a relaxing 20 minute on-the-table energy session as a gentle end for our session. Follow up visits can be an energy medicine session with a check in on the treatment plan from the initial visit, or can focus entirely on an integrative medicine follow up.

I offer a free 15-minute get acquainted visit. This provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with my practice, and how my approach to integrative medicine might serve to address your concerns and meet your goals.

Partners in Healing is a consultation practice. Clients will need to have their own primary care provider.

A client may self refer. Referrals from a health care provider are also welcome. This type of medicine lends itself nicely to a collaborative approach to health care.

An initial appointment is two hours, and a follow up appointment runs from 60-90 minutes. A commitment to one follow-up appointment is necessary to provide the time for discussion of the treatment plan. Please call 518-506-6303, or e-mail me at, for appointment availability.

Ideally, patient history forms will be filled out prior to the appointment, and pertinent past records will be available for review. Please come to the appointment in clothing that fits loosely, and with any medications, herbs, vitamins, or supplements you are currently taking, or wish to discuss.

At this time insurance is not accepted. However, I will provide the paperwork you need to request reimbursement from your insurance company, health savings account or flexible savings account. I encourage you to make inquiries with your insurance company. Some organizations have partial or complete reimbursement policies. In addition, this is a consumer-driven movement. The more they hear from you, the more they will take notice.